Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Why make an online presence?

Why make an online presence? One way I would like to eventually make an online presence is by creating a website with my portfolio on it. At the moment I am planning to make another blog which will act as a workbook for the entire period of my degree. I will update this at least weekly with updates and finished work from throughout my classes. This will be beneficial for me as it will show where I'm at and if I change directions at any stage during the course. It will also be useful for anyone else that wants to check out my progress and what I'm currently up to. I guess in a way you would call it a student portfolio.
I believe a blog is the best option for me at the present as it is almost like a diary and while I'm getting a taste in every subject it'll be good to see the progress on one feed. As I produce more work and head toward more defined directions I will then start looking at possibly making a website.
Another way I could create an online presence is by advertising my proposed website or blog on other appropriate sites. This will help in getting my name out there and what I'm all about.

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