Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Image from scanner

This is an image I scanned earlier this year in Dig Lit. It was part of my photography assignment which was to produce a series of images with the theme " A sense of place". I took this image down at Pounawea in the Catlins where half my family originate from. I used a prism filter to split up the composition a little and make the horizon line more interesting.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

This is a legal image I downloaded off Flickr. It falls under the Non-commercial attribution. This licence allows me to remix, tweak and build upon this work non-commercially. I must acknowledge the artist and I've done this by saving the authors Flickr name and title of the image as the file name. I have also copied the URL address in the properties of the file under comments.

Case Study 3: Keir Smith

Oh So Criminal is a piece of work created in response to the Australian governments "Fair Use and Other Copyright Exceptions: An examination of fair use, fair dealing and other exceptions in the Digital Age" Issues Paper, provided in May 2005. Do I believe this work is illegal? Yes of course I do especially the use of audio within it, with every sample very recognizable I don't think the original artists would really appreciate this that much. Should it be legal? Yes, if Smith takes the time and patience to get permission from every single artist, musician and company that has been used in this work.

Case study 2: 12 Monkeys and Lebbeus Woods

This is an easy one. There is no doubt in my mind that the chair used in the movie 12 Monkeys is based on the 1987 pencil sketch by Lebbeus Woods. The fact that Terry Gilliam the director of the movie had reviewed a copy of the book which contained the drawing reinforces my opinion.
He would have saved alot of money if he had discussed the chair further with his production designer and made some more obvious differences.

George Harrison and The Chiffons

In the case of George Harrison and The Chiffons I believe there are some obvious similarities between the songs e.g the structure, tempo and the melody. The Lyrics are quite different and in my opinion makes "My Sweet Lord" a completely different song. On a website about this case it states that the court acknowledges the fact that Harrison may have unconsciously copied the tune. So in my opinion I believe that Harrison should have won as he had no idea that he was breaching any copyright.